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Every couple want to married with each other and live there life happy. But that’s not possible for everyone. Only lucky one face this reality. Many people lost there love and many person’s lose from there destiny. Destiny take a very toughest test of life.

24 hours mai kisi ki shadi rokne ka wazifa
24 hours mai kisi ki shadi rokne ka wazifa

When a couple love each other and want there partner presence whole life then life put them in difficult situation.

We are talking about a love couple. When you lose your girlfriend or boyfriend in the front of your eyes and did not do anything. When your boyfriend got engaged with someone without his consent or without his knowledge.

24 hours mai kisi ki shadi rokne ka wazifa

Without his knowledge mean he did not know what happen with him. Because of there family, May be there family control your boyfriend mind or May be they did something on your boyfriend’s mind.

Your boyfriend don’t know anything doing with him. He was engaged with the consent of there family. But you love him very much or want him back in your life completely. You want save his life from that marriage and you know everything that was wrong you can save him.

24 hours mai kisi ki shadi rokne ka wazifa

You want to break your boyfriend’s engagement maulana ji tell you simple method for this. After that your boyfriend mind in your control and you can do everything with him. If you want to married with him or you want to stay with him whole life you can.

Maulana ji tell you a simple mantra and tell you something for doing. After that your boyfriend engagement will break completely.

If that engagement is did with his family consent then his family will appreciate you. His family will in your control and you can agree your every talk. If that engagement was did without your boyfriend consent then he himself will agree to break that relation and want to marry you. 


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