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Specialist Dua to Make Husband


dua to control husband


Are you among those wives whose husbands don’t listen to you?

Are you the one whose husband never care enough to spend some quality time with you?

Powerful dua to control husband in Islam will be beneficial for you. Our renowned Molvi Ji will help you with the required solution.

There are times when you observe that your marriage has lost its charm. That person (your husband) who used to take stand for you in early years of marriage suddenly doesn’t pay heed to what you are going through. Dua for controlling husband by following the right procedure will help you get husband love back.

Specialist Dua to Make Husband Listen

Specialist Dua to Make Husband Listen
Specialist Dua to Make Husband Listen

Marriage is a sacred bond where two individuals decide to walk through every phase of life together. Marriage changes the life of a woman completely. She leaves her parental house to start a new life with her husband but what happens when a husband doesn’t spare few minutes to communicate with you? Your life shatters and you feel broken inside. Follow the powerful dua to control husband to win his love back for you.

Recite “Durood sharif” for 11 times

Head over to Chapter 16 of Quran and recite ayat no.39 for 500 times.

After reciting the Dua blow your breath on your husband.

After marriage, A woman happiness is totally dependent on husband’s behavior towards her. The prosperity of married life for wives depends on how their husbands treat them. But not all the wives are lucky and get what they expect from their husbands. By the grace of almighty Allah, Molvi Ji who is a specialist in dealing with husband-wife relationship problem has a cure for your problem. Book an appointment or call Molvi Ji to seek help to control your husband by blessings of Allah.

wazifa for angry husband

Sometimes you notice a strange change in husband’s behavior either by the influence or interference of someone else. In most of the cases, sister-in-law plays the role of the vamp in her brother’s married life. She emotionally blackmails him to not seek the suggestions and opinion from his wife so much to an extent that all of a sudden his love toward you starts fading away and he turns cold towards you. She fears that her brother will not give much importance to his sister now after getting a soulmate for life.

Hence, a wife doesn’t know what to do and feel lost. Wazifa for an angry husband has seen the positive results in many cases. By performing the complete procedure with great devotion and that too in a right manner will control your husband mind and he will start obeying you.

Wazifa to control Someone
Don’t consider Wazifa a havoc. Wazifa is a powerful way by which you present your desires to the Allah. You have to perform dua for multiple days in continuation. Wazifa has a remedy of every problem either you want lost love back, control your husband anger or when you want to control someone or his/her mind.

Read the dua

“Bismillaah hirRaahmaan nirRaaheem”

“In The Name of Allah The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful”

“SaallaaLLaaHU aalaa Muhaammaad SaallaaLLaaHU aalaayhe Waasaallaam”

Use this dua if your husband doesn’t obey you. Also, it will work to control your enemy or any of your family member. If you are unable to do so, consult our Molvi ji. He will selflessly do it for you. You can ask how to perform dua at home. He will guide you for sure.

Make sure not to use this for a purpose of having sex or marriage with someone. If there is any person who knows everything about you more than you do then it works best. Dua to control a person mind will make anyone calm and loving towards you. He will value your emotions and untold expectations. Dua will change his bad behavior and make him a good and ideal.

At last, if you are unhappy in your marriage because your husband doesn’t obey you or not give enough love and care you wish for. Dua to control husband in Islam is a powerful way by which you can have a control over your husband attitude towards you. After all, it is your right to have a healthy relationship with your husband.


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